Italian Spice at a Family Price, Since 1964!

About Us

[wr_vc_title big_title=”BENVENUTI!”][wr_vc_textblock button_text=”Explore Our Menu” button_url=””]Welcome to Robintino’s, where we have been serving our Italian comfort food for seven decades. We’ve passed our family recipes along for you to enjoy because our commitment to the community is not about the miles of pasta we serve; it is about the smiles of our happy customers. 

Did you know we offered individual 8” pizzas, aka the famous Cenetta pizza, years before personal pizzas were a thing? Our breadsticks have always been complimentary, and our Italian green salads are very refreshing. Stop in for a visit to enjoy Italian spice at a family price – mangia famiglia![/wr_vc_textblock]

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Executive Chef

Hello my name is Leonardo. I have been working in the restaurant business for over 25 years. I am bringing all this experience into our local restaurant Robintino’s. Come in and check out our specials and please let us know how we’re doing and what you would like to see moving forward!



Server for 20 years

To all my Robintino’s family & friends – thanks for all your love and kindness that has made my serving years so rewarding. See ya soon, in the dining room!



Director of Operations

We are the proud chefs of my favorite pizza in all of the Utah! I am committed to sharing the tastiness of Robintino’s Italian food with you and your family.

[wr_vc_video title=”Our promo video” subtitle=”See what’s cookin’ at Robintino’s. `{`br`}`We love our customers more than a ladle bit!” vimeovideo=”″]
[wr_vc_title big_title=”Customer Reviews” sub_title=”What people say about us” text_align=”text-align_center”][wr_vc_testimonials][wr_vc_testimonial testimonial_number=”01″ clientname=”Lesia” testi_rating=”5″]”Took my family to dinner at your restaurant. It was a great experience. The food was wonderful. Our server, Sabrina was the best. She was fast, friendly and did a great job. We will be there again.”[/wr_vc_testimonial][wr_vc_testimonial testimonial_number=”02″ clientname=”Pamela” testi_rating=”5″]”Love this restaurant! “CINDY” is so personable. I’ve been eating at this restuarant for over 30 years. Cindy seems to do it all. She is always busy and hustles to clear the other tables. Does anyone buss and clean tables? She seems to be a “one man
band ” CINDY is the best♥️♥️♥️”[/wr_vc_testimonial][wr_vc_testimonial testimonial_number=”03″ clientname=”Samantha” testi_rating=”5″]”Been going to Robintinos all of my life, but without question Cindy as our waitress MAKES the experience what it is! She is so efficient, your drink is never without a refill and your food always comes out in a timely manner. She has become a friend to our whole family and we continue to go back to Robintinos mostly for her! (And also cause we do love the food 😆🍕🥗)”[/wr_vc_testimonial][wr_vc_testimonial testimonial_number=”04″ clientname=”Angie” testi_rating=”5″]”Sabrina was AWESOME!!! She was so patient and did an amazing job. – we’ve been coming here for 30+ years and we will keep coming back forever. Love the breadsticks & Ranch.”[/wr_vc_testimonial][wr_vc_testimonial testimonial_number=”05″ clientname=”Conley” testi_rating=”5″]”We love this place! Delicious food and great service too, we will definitely be back, such an awesome place, and there might be a wait, but it is worth it, highly recommend!”[/wr_vc_testimonial][wr_vc_testimonial testimonial_number=”06″ clientname=”Haley” testi_rating=”5″]”I’ve been eating at Robintino’s for years and the food and service are always great! I always try to get Cindy as my server because she is so nice and personable. She has taken great care of us every time we’ve eaten here, even at times when you can see that she’s the only server. She’s very attentive and wants to make sure your experience is nothing short of exceptional. We will definitely be back!!!”[/wr_vc_testimonial][wr_vc_testimonial testimonial_number=”07″ clientname=”Jayna” testi_rating=”5″]”Yummy food and kindest people. They have some Gluten free options which is always a plus especially for an Italian restaurant. 😉”[/wr_vc_testimonial][wr_vc_testimonial testimonial_number=”08″ clientname=”Mandy” testi_rating=”5″]”One of the best experiences. Great service. The food was soo good. Then the bill was half what we expected and we were stuffed! Definitely coming back.”[/wr_vc_testimonial][wr_vc_testimonial testimonial_number=”09″ clientname=”Casey” testi_rating=”5″]”Great food great portions for the price. We had over 30 people and our server was great.”[/wr_vc_testimonial][wr_vc_testimonial testimonial_number=”10″ clientname=”Curt” testi_rating=”5″]”My family and I have gone to Robintino’s for decades and we love it. We like going there to eat and getting take out. The people there are great also. Rob has been a good friend for years and always takes a minute to talk to us. It feels like home and friends there. And if Cindy has your table, it’s awesome! She is not just the best server at Robintino’s she’s the best server anywhere! She is always personable and friendly and no matter how busy it is she stays cool and happy and makes you feel good to be there. Sometimes it seems like she’s got the entire dining room and she still doesn’t miss a beat.”[/wr_vc_testimonial][wr_vc_testimonial testimonial_number=”11″ clientname=”Slspa 2020″ testi_rating=”5″]”We had such a fun time this evening with the family! Such a great way to celebrate a birthday, we even had a nice room in the back of the restaurant to accommodate our party! Vladka was our waitress and she was fast, efficient and very kind. Thanks to Robintinos for the great food and service!”[/wr_vc_testimonial][/wr_vc_testimonials]